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"Auricoe have successfully provided recruitment support to Aviva and the FRCF Programme since 2007, placing over 15 interim Consultants within my area throughout this time.

In my experience I have always found them to be quick in understanding my requirements and delivering suitable options efficiently and effectively. One of the most important aspects that I look for in an agency is flexibility of service and auricoe excelled in their ability to adapt to changing demands within the project.

Auricoe were very quick to resolve any contractor issues within my project team, drawing on evidently strong candidate relationships, I only ever heard good things from the contractors onsite, in terms of their candidate care and payrolling etc and they were an agency that I was able to rely on whenever needs arose.

I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any future potential client or candidate."


"Auricoe have supported recruitment in our Finance and Audit divisions. We have had certain challenges around time-frames, criteria and business expectations but they show commerciality, drive and help provide support throughout, which ultimately help turn difficult situations into a positive experience. They manage candidates well and it is clear that they understand the briefs as the candidates we meet are all of a high standard. We hire candidates that auricoe provide."


"I like the personal service associated with using a niche boutique firm. Auricoe have always been extremely good at understanding the requirements of the role to be filled, and are able to come up with outstanding candidates. I am absolutely impressed at their ability to be able to answer my probing questions about candidates without needing to go back to them to ask.

They provide a 1:1 service. I do not feel like I am lost in the crowd. They have also never been pushy, which is why I am inclined to approach them when I have the prospect of a vacancy."


"My experience of auricoe has been wholly positive. They understood our requirements completely and introduced us to an excellent candidate ahead of the expected timeframe and above spec. Equally, their attention to the ancillary paperwork detail really helped make it a seamless process. We are a very satisfied customer."

Hitachi Capital (UK) Plc

"I was placed and have worked with auricoe for 8 years in my position as Chief Internal Auditor at Hitachi Capital UK Plc and I certainly recommend them for any recruitment involving audit, risk, compliance, internal consultancy & reorganisation, along with international regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Japanese J-SOX. They possess extensive recruitment experience in a wide range of blue chip organisations and provide great insight and practical solutions for issues. Auricoe are my trusted recruitment partner who consistently respond effectively to all our recruitment needs and provide very well matched candidates to our briefs."


"We have used auricoe on various occasions for recruitment. Their service has consistently been of an exceptional quality. The clarity of their communication and responsiveness to urgent requests is what differentiates them from their competitors.

Their knowledge of the recruitment market and current trends helped us to set our expectations within budget considerations. Their recruitment experience and clear understanding of the specific characteristics, qualifications and experience required for the various levels within our organisations, meant that we saved time by only interviewing suitable candidates. All candidates interviewed were well briefed on both the requirements of the role and our organisation overall.

I can highly recommend auricoe to clients as well as candidates."


"I have worked with auricoe for the last 5 years and I have been very impressed by their professional and personal approach.

It has felt more like a partnership as they always kept in touch and were always there for me to provide advice and support regarding the current market conditions. In the context of partnership, whilst they found me an excellent position in NEC, I used them to recruit a person who was a very good fit for NEC's very specific skillset and language requirement.

At Kaplan, I approached auricoe to look for the right candidates. They were able to provide a list of suitable candidates within a day. From my very first meeting they knew exactly what sort of Internal Audit Role position I was looking for. One of the most impressive things about auricoe is that they understand me, my skill set both as an Internal Auditor and SOX Compliance manager and were able to find the exact role that I wanted.

Based on my personal experience I would definitely recommend auricoe both as a candidate looking for the right position and an employer looking for the right candidate."

Reckitt Benckiser

"I can rely on auricoe to work tirelessly to find candidates for me. They are very persistent in their search and I know that I will receive unique candidate profiles that just don't seem to come through other agencies."


"The consultants at auricoe are very flexible and easy to do business with. Auricoe offers a more personal service than the other agencies I have worked with and finds the right candidates, who fit well, into the organisation. Auricoe have consistently understood my needs and utilised a tailored approach."


"The most important benefit of using auricoe is having a consultant with great communication skills - he listened to me and I felt he really "heard" me so that he understood what the role was, and the type of candidates I was looking for. He was excellent at maintaining contact between me and the candidates, and did a brilliant job at keeping them informed and interested throughout the recruitment process."

The Warranty Group

"We have recruited a number of our employees through auricoe and have found them to be very professional and quick to understand our needs. They do not bombard us with irrelevant CV's or unwanted telephone calls.
They are a pleasure to deal with and I would have no hesitation in recommending auricoe to other HR professionals looking for a comprehensive and slick service."


"Auricoe offer efficient and effective communications at both a personal and professional level. These have facilitated the maintenance of relationships with all stakeholders, which in turn ensures projects are delivered over and above expectations.

In addition I have found that they provide much better communications and resulting mutual learning than any other agency I have worked with before. This creates a positive feedback loop and better outcomes for all concerned."


"Auricoe applied themselves with diligence to stringent requirements, resulting in successful placements and achieving the status of preferred supplier to the Vodafone.

Candidates were sourced based on our recommendations and their scoping of our specific requirements. Most had directly relevant experience, background and ‘team fit’, ensuring that all candidate qualifications, references and experience were appropriate and verified. Auricoe’s flexibility and application effected recent placements onto the team in record time. Various travel, location, availability, terms and remuneration issues were confronted without losing time or allowing communication difficulties to obstruct, and their efforts allowed quick turnaround time for the placement of additional consultants to the team.

They have remained in regular contact and have also been out to visit me to monitor progress of placed candidates. They are easy to do business with and therefore I have no hesitation in giving them a personal recommendation for their services."


"We have been using auricoe for the past ten years to assist us in recruiting senior executive-level staff for EMEA. Given the high travel component of our positions combined with the requirement for additional European languages, these are not easy positions to fill. We have been very happy with the service provided by them. They take the time to genuinely understand our needs thereby ensuring that they only send us the details of relevant candidates. Their response time cannot be faulted and despite our difficult requirements they consistently deliver good relevant candidate details without delay. Their honest opinions on candidates is refreshing and appreciated. We have filled our last three vacancies through Auricoe and have no hesitation in recommending them."